To be or Not To Be…ALIVE

The choice is yours! Sorta…

When you register, you can give us your preference, HUMAN or ZOMBIE. For humanity to have any hope (and the run challenge more fun), the number of zombies will be restricted as a ratio of humans (about one zombie for every four humans).

If you register as a ZOMBIE in time, that’s what you race as. ¬†Once our zombie registration is full, your only option is to race as a human¬†(even if you feel undead!). You can contact us to be put on a zombie waitlist in case any zombies cannot make it out to the race; we’ll contact you as soon as we find out!

To Help You Choose:

HUMANS are competing for time. They’ll be running on the trails, through the woods, creeks and anything else they have to in order to avoid being eaten by the flesh crazed dead. They’ll have to find four to five checkpoints (and complete the challenges presented) to collect the keys to survival.

ZOMBIES are competing against other Zombies to eat humans while making their way to their challenge and completing it. Luckily, in the Zombie Run Challenge World, eating humans means catching and collecting the flags the humans are wearing (on belts provided).