The Down Low on the Undead

The ZOMBIE RUN CHALLENGE is a fun, race/competition that lets you test out what you will do when the Zombies start coming out of the dirt (after the military cover-up, of course!).

You get the choice of being a Human or a Zombie…

If you are a human, you get to race against the clock to find the last outposts of humanity scattered throughout the wilderness, hopefully collect the KEYS TO SURVIVAL and return to home base to save Humanity. At every Outpost, you’ll have a challenge to face in order to complete the mission and get a KEY.  You must have all keys from each checkpoint to bring back to home base to have your time count!

You will be given a map of the land at packet pick-up where you can see where the checkpoints will be located (and how many there will be); however, you will not be told what the challenge will be at each location.  The challenges will not be overtly physical (we won’t have you jump over 15 foot walls!), but expect to use your noggin’, balance, aim and/or coordination.  If you have none of those qualities, let’s hope you can run!

The whole time, humans will be dodging freaking ZOMBIES! The recently UNDEAD will be able to “eat” you if they capture the flag you’re wearing on the belt provided to all the HUMANS. Don’t despair though, if you’re “bitten”, you can find “medical” attention at one of the outposts to restore your health, as you will need it before you can complete your challenge.

The outposts are scattered around trails and woods for a distance of about three miles, but dodging ZOMBIES could add some distance to your journey!  This is not a set course, so navigate the terrain if you dare…

If you are a zombie, your main concern is lunch (and of course, taking over mankind!).  You’re trying to “eat” as many humans as possible within the 1.5 hour race time.  There is one catch: you must complete a zombie challenge BEFORE your time to roam the earth is up.  Once complete, you will get a special token to bring back to home base.  Without this token, your life flag numbers are forfeit at the end of the race.  In other words, “eat” your way to the challenge and back!

Charlotte Race Info:

The next zombie outbreak will be on Saturday, October 26th, 2013, so mark your calendars!  Location is at Renaissance Park (1200 West Tyvola Road) at the Softball Field Entrance.

It’s $25 for early registration until March 31st for both humans and zombies (nice to know that you’re worth the same dead or alive, huh?).  Click HERE to register for the Zombie Run Challenge 2013!
As it gets closer to the event, the price goes up:
$30 from 4/1 to 7/31
$40 from 8/1 to 10/25

We do allow day of registrations with no guarantee that you will get any shirts or cool gear.  Day of registration price is $50.

Gregory from GregoryF/X and his crew will be out there again to make up any zombies in need of blood and flesh.  A minimum of $10 donation is required, and all zombies must arrive at least 1 hour before their race start if they are interested in getting “done up” for the occasion.

More details are sent upon registration.


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