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When, where, and how long is this thing?

The Zombie Race Challenge is on Saturday, October 26th, 2013 at 10am at Renaissance Park (1200 West Tyvola Road) at the Softball Field Entrance. You need to be there by 9:00am (Heat 1 only) and  10:30am (Heat 2 only) to get your ZOMBIE/HUMAN stuff (if you didn’t get it the night before at packet pick-up) and listen to our crack team of scientists explain the laws of Zombiedom. You finish when you finish, and we suspect the fastest Humans may make it back to base in 45 minutes or less. But after 1.5 hours (11:30am for Heat 1 or 1pm for Heat 2), we’re assuming you’ve been eaten and your heat is officially over.

This year, we’re expecting a much larger outbreak of zombies in the Charlotte area.  That’s why we will have 2 heats starting at 10am and 11:30am.  Don’t worry, everyone will get their chance to escape and save mankind!!!

Can I get my packet early so I can sleep in to conserve precious energy?

Yes, we will be holding packet pick-up on Friday, October 25th at our office in Arylsey Business Center (2131 Ayrsley Town Blvd. Suite 200 Charlotte, NC 28273) from 10am – 6:30pm, and again from 7pm – 10pm at our Ghoul Gala (free entry to the party for ZRC racers!!!) Halloween Party at All American Pub (200 E. Bland St.).  For more party details, click HERE.

How much is it to race?

It’s $25 for early registration until March 31st for both humans and zombies (nice to know that you’re worth the same dead or alive, huh?).
As it gets closer to the event, the price goes up:
$30 from 4/1 to 7/31
$40 from 8/1 to 10/25

We do allow day of registrations with no guarantee that you will get any shirts or cool gear.  Day of registration price is $50. 

I’m under 18 years old and want to race. What are my options?

Have no fear, confident youth!

Teens (13 – 17 years) are allowed to race in the Zombie Run Challenge; however, a parent or legal guardian must race along side them for the entire duration.  Teenagers tend to be distracted rather easily (as we’ve come to find out) and get lost.  Bread crumbs will  not be provided on the trails, so stick with a (slow) adult to survive!

What if it rains?

We don’t know what Zombie movies you’ve seen, but they seem to keep coming no matter what the weather. Event is rain or shine!

What can I wear? Can I dress up?

We hope you do dress up! Come as whatever you want to dress up as. Even if you are a human and you look a little dead, it’s okay by us. We do suggest running or tennis shoes or non-metal cleats.  If you are racing as a HUMAN and you dress like the UNDEAD, flags must be visible at all times.  All racers competing as ZOMBIES are required to wear RED headbands (provided) around their head or neck and be visible AT ALL TIMES during the race.  ALL RACERS MUST HAVE THEIR BIBS ON AND VISIBLE DURING THE RACE.  This should help us identify what you’re racing as.

Three things to remember:
  • You’re HIGHLY likely to get a little dirty. We’re on trails and you may decide to go off-trail to escape Zombies (or catch Humans).
  • You’ve got to be able to wear a race bib, and if you are a Human, a flag belt around your waist. Zombies have to wear headbands.
  • You should be running at various points. If you’re dressed like a robot, we think you’re gonna get eaten a lot by zombies…
Can we bring props? Wear masks?

No weapons play or otherwise will be allowed on the course. Masks and costumes are cool, but if you accidentally crash into another Human or Zombie, they shouldn’t have to worry about you making them the next undead. Event staff has sole discretion to decide if a costume may be potentially dangerous.

Can I bring a dog or a child?

We know using animals and small children as Zombie bait is popular in some other countries, but we don’t think it’s a good idea here. They’re boney and just not good Zombie food.

Teenagers (13-17 years) must run with a parent or legal guardian at all times in order to compete.

What are the challenges? Where are the checkpoints?

The checkpoints (with a map) will be released when you pick up your packet; however, you won’t know the challenges until you get to the checkpoints race day. You will have to explore a little to survive, and you’ll have some surprises during the race. The challenges are fun and not meant to push you physically. You’ll need the energy to ward off the undead!

I’m a thinking Zombie! I’m planning on ambushing Humans instead of chasing them down, is that okay?

Zombies and Humans have their own strategies. They’ll probably all work! However, there are two safety issues: NO HIDING UNDER BRIDGES & NO CLIMBING/JUMPING FROM TREES! The UNDEAD can still break bones, and the staff does not want to come carry you out of the woods. We’ll have to leave you for the crows!

I’m a little slow, and some might call me Zombie Fodder. What if I’m eaten in the first five minutes of the challenge?

Have no fear! At each checkpoint, there is a “medic” that will “heal” you from the zombie virus before it spreads throughout your body. BEFORE you can complete a challenge, you must be healed (who would have thought that simply resting for 5 minutes can save you from becoming a zombie?!). After our medics have healed you, you may complete the challenge and be on your way. You CAN finish the race without a life flag; however, 5 minutes will be added to your overall time.

What is a Zombie Hunter?

The Zombie Hunters are the only “armed” people in the woods. Their main job is to patrol the perimeter of the Zombie Free Zones and shoot Zombies if they are stalking the Humans. There may be one or two on bikes as well, just as an added Zombie hazard. If they shoot you stinky Zombies, you are stunned have to sit down in place until they tell you can resume your lurching about. They also get to keep one of your lives (flags) you’ve collected. Needless to say, AVOID the HUNTERS if you are a zombie!

How long is the Zombie Run Challenge?

The mountain bike trail we’re playing in and around at the park is less than three miles. So if you are really efficient and can avoid zombies without much zig zagging, three miles would be the max. It’s up to you how far you actually go!

Do I need a SportsLink Player’s Card?

Not for the Zombie Run Challenge, but thanks for checking!

What if I am unable to participate race-day?

That’s a bummer. Unfortunately, no refunds. We can arrange for you to pickup your shirt and bag at a later date.

What is the last day to register? Day of registration?

We have a limit of shirts and goodies for the Zombie Run Challenge. You can register when you want, but the closer to the day of the event, the price increases and the less chance you’ll get the right size shirt or any other goodies we have for racers.  There are day of registrations available for $50; however, zombie spots may be limited, so you may be stuck with the rest of us living.  You’re also not guaranteed any cool gear.

Your Zombies look so real and frightening. How did you do that?!

Gregory from GregoryF/X, Special Makeup Effects has made up our zombies for the past two years, and is very much looking forward to continuing. He and his crew came out and donated their time and supplies for the cause.  They will gladly zombify any who are interested for a minimum $10 donation with 80% of the proceeds and tips going to the charities. Last year, he HAND MADE over 600 prosthetics to apply – that’s a lot of time and dedication to making our zombies absolutely horrific! Check out our photos from last year to see their great work.