Didn’t Think It Would Be a Cakewalk to Survive, Did YOU?!?


Your biggest challenge is to avoid being dinner for some crazy dead dude! But beyond mere survival, it’s your special purpose to try and ensure the survival of all humanity. To do that is going to take a little extra work!

Before the start of the Zombie Run Challenge, you will be given a map of the countryside. On the map, we will have circled where we believe the last outposts of humanity are hiding out. At each outpost, you will hopefully find a key to surviving the new era of the undead! To get the key, you’ll need to complete a challenge.


You don’t get let off that easy!  We’ve got a zombie challenge or two thrown in there for you guys which must be completed before the end of the race (2 hour time limit) in order for your flags to be counted for placement at the end of the race.  So make sure you bring back that token to zombie home base!

You will also get a map that shows you where the zombie challenge(s) may be located.  Remember, you must complete any zombie challenge(s) in order to have your flags counted and for placement at the end of the race!


Challenges (for both humans and zombies) are not overtly physical but may take some time, skill and/or brainpower. You may be asked to build something, solve an important puzzle (puzzles are always important in defeating Zombies or capturing humans), move something, or whatever we decide.

There will be ZOMBIE FREE ZONES around the HUMAN outposts, so you can complete the challenges without the worry of being eaten.

Humans, if you’ve been infected (flag pulled by a ZOMBIE), you can be “treated” at the outposts and given a new life (flag). We’ll also have real med kits and water at ALL outposts in case you need hydration (who knew zombies prefer water over blood?!) or need a Band-Aid, ice pack, or a tourniquet to cut off the blood flow after you’ve lost a limb to zombie!

ZOMBIES cannot enter the ZOMBIE FREE ZONES around the human outposts. We also have found a group of mercenaries (volunteers) who believe they can kill Zombies (or at least stun them). We like to call them ZOMBIE HUNTERS and we’ve armed them with special Zombie stunning guns (who knew Zombies could be held at bay by NERF guns?!?).