The Choice is Yours: HUMAN or ZOMBIE…

When you register, you can give us your preference: HUMAN or ZOMBIE.  Are you clever enough to elude the Zombies, or are you hungry enough to devour the last remaining humans?  Choose wisely…

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A 5K Challenge Swelling with Zombies…

Let the hunt begin… The ZOMBIE RUN CHALLENGE is a fun, race/competition that lets you test out what you will do when the Zombies start coming out of the dirt (after the military cover-up, of course!).

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Want to put the “Safety in Numbers” theory to the test?  So do we.  That’s why we need YOUR help!  The humans can’t survive all on their own without protectors such as Zombie Hunters and Medics, and we almost felt guilty letting them get lost in the woods with Zombies devouring them.  Check out how you can do your part to help save humanity from the Zombie Apocalypse!!!

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Do You Have What It Takes to Save Humanity?

It’s not easy saving humanity OR taking it over by eating it.  These tasks aren’t for the faint of heart: it requires stamina, a fun attitude and/or an empty belly.  Are you up to the challenge?

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